Who is the LAPI

The LAPI is a statutory body with an annually elected management, which represents more than 350 households in the Roodeplaat area, but more specifically, the farms in Leeuwfontein, part of Kameeldrift, Zeekoegat, and Kameelfontein area.

Why was the LAPI established?

The LAPI had its inception when this area was threatened by similar security crisis we have today. It was the first voice of the residence in the community, and has succeeded year after year, due to the involvement of the members, to make Leeuwfontein and surrounding areas a safer environment. A handful of people who refused to be victims of constant fear and intimidating crimes, have grown and planted the seed in the community.

What is the purpose of the LAPI??

The purpose of the LAPI is to pursue the necessary protection and safety aspects of the community.

This goal can only be reached with the cooperation of the community, the SAPS, the SAPS reservists and the existing LAPI committees of adjacent and surrounding areas within the Nokeng municipal district.

The LAPI has certain functions and duties towards its members and also indirectly to the neighbors of such members.

The LAPI mission

The mission of the LAPI is to, on a Christian and not political foundation, ensure the necessary protection of all the inhabitants of the area.

LAPI Members






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